The Elements

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Long, long ago when the earth was still very young Equis, king of all horses, set out upon a journey with his four closest friends.  They journeyed far from home until they finally reached the shores of the sea.  They stood and watched the glass-like surface for a time.  Finally Equis sighed.  "The sea is very beautiful but something is wrong, it has no life to it."  His friends agreed.  One friend stepped forward
and said, "The water needs to be taught to play like the horse.  I will teach the sea to buck and kick so it will always keep moving."  With a flick of his tail he jumped into the water and began to buck.  Soon the water around him began to do the same, crashing on the beach as it played.  Equis nodded and said, "Now the water has the playfulness of the horse, this is good."

They continued their journey until they came to stand beneath a mighty mountain that was completely surrounded by clouds.  Equis looked up and frowned.  "Those clouds should be traveling the earth but instead they sit here all day and gossip."  Equis' friends thought for a moment before the swiftest one turned to him and said, "The clouds need someone to teach them to run and to chase them when they will not."  So he leapt from the mountain into the air and the clouds sprang across the sky with the thunder of his hooves behind them.  Some clouds grumbled and cast dark looks about but most found they enjoyed the journey.  Equis nodded and said, " Now the air has the swiftness of the horse, this is good."

Equis and his two remaining friends traveled a short distance then turned to look back at the mountain.  "The mountain seems so lonely.” thought Equis.  To his friends he said, "The heart of the earth is cold and still when it should make the mountains want to leap towards the sky."  Another friend stepped up.  "I know how to wake the earth and give it the energy of the horse."  Rearing on his hind legs, he dove deep into the core of the earth and began to run.  Around and around he sped until the earth’s center began to warm and beat with a life of its own.  He ran so fast and hard that the earth began to spin as well.  Then he leapt to the surface and raced across the treetops before returning to the deep earth to run some more.  Equis nodded and said, " Now the fire of the horse can be found in the earth's heart as well, this is good."

As Equis and his remaining friend began to return home they heard voices calling.  The plants and the rocks called out "What have you done!  The sea beats upon the shores wearing away the stone.  The wind tears at the leaves and blows them away.  The earth trembles and shakes and fire blackens the hillsides.  We are frightened of these changes."  Equis answered, "Because the sea plays all the water on earth will try to reach it feeding the plants along its way.  Because the air gallops across the earth the clouds can refresh the rivers that travel to the sea.  Because the heart of the earth is alive with fire the mountains grow."  The plants and rocks responded, "We are thankful, but we are still frightened."  Equis' final friend shook his mane and said, "I will teach you how to endure these things and how to be strong."  Equis watched as his friend walked away and thought, " Now the plants and rocks have the strength and endurance of the horse.  This is good."

The End



The Element of Air

Air Left Air Right.

Air front back. Ait top under.
Air three quarters. Air closeup

The Element of Earth
Earth Left. Earth right.
Earth front back. Earth top and under.
Earth three quarters Earth closeup.

The Element of Fire
Fire left. Fire right.
Fire front back. Fire top under.
fire three quarters fire closeup.

The Element of Water
Water left. Water right.
water front back. Water top under.
Water three quarters. Water closeup.