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Featuring resin wings, Breyer customs, carousel horses, centaurs, and more.


What's New:

  My Little Pony style wings are now available


Resins Catalog: Here you will find resin cast items for customizing in several scales that can also be used to make customized horses, OOAK (one of a kind) dolls, and gaming figures.  Includes Pegasus wings in several positions and bat wings for creating dragon horses as well as unicorn horns, hippogriff heads, a carousel horse and more.


Customs Galleries:  Here you will find highly detailed and unique fantasy horses in both decorator and mythical styles.   Also included are several hand beaded Christmas ornaments.  Home to unicorns, winged horses, hippogryphs and more.  Twelve carousel horse designs, one for each month of the year, featuring black and white original artwork and soon-to-be resins in 1/32 (Stablemate) scale.  Other customized Breyer model horses that I have completed, in Stablemate and micro mini sizes.


Tammy's Miniature Horse Art: Dedicated to providing high quality custom model horses and unusual pieces too.  Most of my horses are customized from Breyer Stablemates or Mini Whinnies.  I am always striving to provide more choices for the small scale model horse collectors and am  interested in any new ideas, so if you think of something you would like me to offer please feel free to email me.

All original artwork belongs to Tammy Abbey and should not be reproduced without permission.  



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